PakEdge WAP-C3G In-Ceiling Wireless Access Point

The Pakedge WAP-C3G is an ultra-high-power, wireless access point that can be discreetly installed in ceilings or walls. The WAP-C3G uses an ultra-high power radio to provide exceptional range when using touch panels, laptops and other devices. Designed for the custom installer, the WAP-C3G is networked and powered by a single Cat5e cable. The Pakedge WAP-C3G's industrial design is extremely unique. It is patent pending and specifically designed for custom installation. Because of its exceptional design and qualities, this product is coveted by both the installer and end user for specific reasons. The combination of in-ceiling location and unique antenna array design of the WAP-C3G provide for the best possible wifi range and coverage, thus making unparalleled wifi connectivity with touchpanels, laptops, ipads, wifi phones

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