NextGen's Bluetooth-IR Extender

NextGen's Bluetooth-IR Extender gives Android-based Smart Phones and Tablets the power to communicate with AV components. Like the company's famous Remote Extender, their new Bluetooth-IR Extender will operate through walls doors and around corners for superior control and ease of use. Pricing on the NextGen Bluetooth-IR Converter is ($59.00 MSRP) and will be shipping in June. The Bluetooth-IR Extender effectively bridges the gap between Bluetooth emitting Android apps such as smart phones or tablets and your IR AV components. Powered by USB, the Bluetooth-IR Extender effectively converts Bluetooth to IR to control up to 8 pieces of equipment and does so without wires or networking. The cloud-based IR code library supports almost every popular brand found in todays market and is never outdated thanks to the patent-pending smart learning receiver.

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